Can the Abortion Debate Really Change?

“I’m beginning to wonder if things can really change,” a friend told me recently, “or if I can.”

She’s in full-time ministry and has been walking with God for more than thirty years, but she’s in a tough place emotionally and relationally, and is starting to lose heart. I empathized with her struggle, but at the same time felt something rising up inside me: “Yes! You can absolutely see change in and around you, because that is who God is and what He came to do!”

When something has been broken for a long time, it’s easy to lose faith that it will ever change.

Does the abortion issue ever feel like that for you? Do you wonder how we can ever come to a solution that will be God-honoring, respectful and hopeful?

abortion debate pic3

While I don’t want to minimize the very real difficulties in the debate, I feel the same faith rising up in me now that I experienced with my friend. When we pray, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven,” (Matt. 6:10) we are exercising faith that God’s desire is to bring life, hope and light into broken places.

So what would it mean to believe that God can bring life, hope and light into the abortion debate?

In today’s culture, many women think that their only options to an unplanned pregnancy are abortion or overwhelming struggle as a mom. But ProGrae offers another path. Because if we show acceptance and support to women facing unplanned pregnancy, we honor both God’s design of pregnancy and His plan for transformation. And if we commit to living out ProGrace, God will bring unprecedented change to our community.

Imagine if there were groups of Christians opening their doors and showing grace to women.

Imagine if we said to women, “There’s a third way. There is a hopeful future possible for both you and your child.”

Imagine if we told a story that would allow women to dream of a new reality — and that if we told this story often and broadly enough, we’d see fewer abortions and more hope and support for single moms and their children.

Imagine if we saw both women and children thriving.

If you’re still having a tough time believing we could really see this kind of change, let me offer one last bit of encouragement: I’m not the only one who thinks this.

I have conversations with other believers (all of the time!) who feel the same surge of faith and desire to jump into this debate with a fresh message of grace.

I have conversations with pro-choice, liberal-leaning folks from other religious persuasions who say things like, “If evangelicals shifted their response to abortion, it would change everything.” My favorite response was when I told the leader of a feminist health clinic that we were crazy enough to think that getting the Church involved in accepting and supporting women could change the world – and she looked into my eyes and said, “I think maybe you’re right.”

Let’s try, shall we?

We’ve got nothing to lose and there are a whole lot of women and children every year who need our help. Let’s commit to believing that God really can bring change to a tired and broken issue.

by Angie Weszely