Connect with local Christian leaders to explore how we can go beyond the limitations of the political debate, in order to more fully express God’s heart for BOTH the woman AND the child. This interactive workshop explores:

  • The problem with the current polarization of the issue

  • The current reality for many women facing unplanned pregnancy

  • Ways we as Christians can apply the ProGrace theological principles of God’s design of pregnancy and God’s path for transformation in order to change that reality

  • The future vision and next steps

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For churches and pregnancy centers desiring to think and talk more like Jesus would in the abortion issue, while also reaching out to women facing unplanned pregnancy, we offer ProGrace Certification. You will be equipped with:

  • A theological approach to think through the issue in a new way

  • Training to engage the community in a grace dialogue

  • A plan to build bridges and be a safe place of acceptance and support for women facing unplanned pregnancy

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Engage in a new conversation around unplanned pregnancy and abortion that centers on grace.

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Podcasts & Publications

In these podcasts, and Publications ProGrace CEO Angie Weszely addresses the question, What if the solution to abortion doesn’t lie in politics, but in the local church?

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