Imagine what could happen…

if churches all over the country were equipped to create safe, welcoming communities where both women and children could thrive during and after an unplanned pregnancy.

Be inspired to dream

for the future as you watch Pastor Micah’s story.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Today, you can equip a church to be a community that helps women AND children thrive.

These communities point women to a better option where they are supported and thriving, not overwhelmed in struggle as a single mom. As a result, we begin to see a shift in the tide of abortion.

How can you create this change?

Well, what’s missing in the current political climate is a new paradigm and language that will equip Christians with a grace response, impacting thousands of women and children. Your support helps engage Christian leaders with a new way to think and talk about abortion. Then they launch their own outreach to women, which is what will ultimately bring restoration into the issue.

When you give to create more communities full of grace, you shift the tide of abortion.  

Your support is critical in order to grow and offer training to meet the increasing demand from churches seeking a new approach to this issue. Right now, the demand is growing faster than our fundraising can match! But with your support today, you can equip more churches in the ProGrace approach in 2018, and ultimately impact the lives of women and children by giving them hope.

Double your impact through our $10,000 matching grant!

That means any gift you make before December 31 will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000!

Will you join us in turning the tide of abortion?

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