The abortion debate divides us into two camps…

One focused on the needs of the woman, the other focused on the needs of the child.

The result? We think we have to choose between either supporting one or the other. But when we approach the issue with this mentality, we find ourselves believing a message of scarcity. We have an either/or mentality, and actually limit our Christian influence in our culture.

We need a third option.

One that reflects God’s heart of compassion for both the women and the child. His desire for both of them to thrive during – and after – an unplanned pregnancy.

This is the current reality:

  • 1 in 4 women will have an abortion.

  • 52% of women in church who’ve had abortions say that no one at church knew about their abortion.

  • 51% of women agree that churches do not have ministries that are prepared to discuss options for women facing unplanned pregnancy.

This is a problem!

Since many women feel shame and isolation during an unplanned pregnancy, they are choosing not to turn to their local church. Worse, some women are even ostracized by their own church. They feel their only options are either abortion, or overwhelming struggle as a mom.

Why is this happening?

Churches are often not equipped to come alongside women as they make decisions about unplanned pregnancy. They often find themselves stuck in the middle of the polarizing debate, feeling angst about the position they’re supposed to take.

This is why ProGrace exists.
We believe there is a better way.

  • We believe there is a third option in the abortion debate.

  • We believe there is a Biblical solution to this challenge centered around grace.

  • We believe God desires for both the woman AND the child to thrive.

  • We believe we can change the conversation from an either/or mentality to a both/and mentality.

  • We believe the Church can change the tide around the abortion issue by unleashing grace into the conversation.

  • We believe when Individuals, Churches, and Pregnancy Centers are equipped with spiritual, emotional and practical solutions, they provide holistic care that allows both the woman AND child to thrive during and after an unplanned pregnancy.

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3 Year Goals for ProGrace

In order to see Christians around the world embrace and display a grace response to abortion, our 3-year goals are to develop a working model that will allow us to scale ProGrace nationally and internationally. Our focus is on the following  four areas:

1. National Expansion

Develop a working model in six strategic regions across the US Develop and implement a plan for city-wide outreach, cultivation of interested churches and pregnancy organizations and train those who are selected.

2. Content Development

Create resources that take participants from an introductory phase to deep engagement with the ProGrace theology and approach.

3. Infrastructure

Develop necessary infrastructure to sustain growth needed to scale the ProGrace model.

4. International model

While our initial focus is national, we will continue to support international work (currently in Africa) as a way to create an internationally scalable model.

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There are two significant ways you can support the cause:

Financially support ProGrace 

Our 2017 budget (which will allow us to reach our year 1 goals) is $380,000. When you give, you expand the ProGrace message, and start to shift the tide on the abortion issue through the local Church.

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Connect others with ProGrace 

We are praying for many others who will also want to be a part of expanding the ProGrace message. We are looking to connect with pastors, pregnancy center leaders, Christian thought leaders, potential supporters, and Board members. If you or someone you know wants to be involved with ProGrace, please contact us at