ProGrace equips leaders of churches and pregnancy organizations with a new way to think, talk and act around the issue of abortion. These leaders are then able reach out to women and children with a ProGrace approach. Here is what people are saying:  

I praise God for this movement that is rooted in rich biblical theology and has an attractive message in our culture. ProGrace smells, sounds, looks, and feels like Jesus.

– Dr Eric Flood, Senior Pastor, South Park Church, Park Ridge, IL

As a church, we would cautiously enter into various pro-life advocacy efforts, standing up for what we believe but trying not to shout it in people’s faces. We did this because we knew that many in our own congregation would consider themselves pro-choice, not because they don’t value unborn children, but because they have concerns for women’s rights.When I first heard about the ProGrace approach it was an answer to prayer. Finally, we have a way to advocate for every lifewoman and child – in a way that carefully sidesteps the hot button political rhetoric and returns to Biblically sound language that any Christian can embrace.

– Pastor Micah Greiner, lead pastor, St. Peter Lutheran Church, Arlington Heights, IL

“God—as the author of all life—loves babies and women. To witness to God’s love for life, we as Christians need to show the world that God’s love is enormous, that it is big enough to hold all of us in its care. I’m happy that ProGrace is working to change the conversation about abortion.”

– Beth Felker, Professor of Theology, Wheaton College


Refreshing. Insightful. Inspiring. Biblical. These are a few words that describe the force of the emerging ProGrace movement. Thank God this movement has come! I found the training to be Biblically faithful, theologically responsible, and reflective of the heart of the Gospel. Often the abortion debate divides the church. ProGrace helps the church to rightfully reclaim its voice while caring for the disaffected.

– Charlie Dates, PhD. Senior Pastor Progressive Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

Thanks for the blood, prayer, and countless hours you’ve invested into building ProGrace. Your mission is clear, your words are well-chosen, and your Gospel DNA is just as embedded as human DNA – foundational, unseen, and yet as obvious as family features on a child’s face. You reflect your Father. No Bible thumping necessary when, as you said, the Gospel is being lived. Your redirecting message is so important. Please don’t back down.

– Michelle Stiffler, ProGrace workshop attendee, Phoenix, AZ

ProGrace is a timely, vital and deeply faithful expression of a Christian commitment to all life. This ministry addresses the great need to show a commitment to both the woman and the child and helps equip God’s people to demonstrate a compassion that conveys sweet aroma of Christ’s love.

– Dr. Vincent Bacote, Director, Wheaton College Center for Applied Christian Ethics

Unfortunately, the church can often be seen as “pro-baby” and yet also cast as “anti-woman.”  That is one reason why New City Church is thrilled to partner with ProGrace, who understands that ministering to both woman and child is critical. We look forward to a growing relationship with ProGrace and other churches committed to serving all those impacted in an unplanned pregnancy. Together we can speak and show the grace of God.

– Brian Kruckenberg, Lead Pastor, New City Church, Phoenix, Arizona

As I struggled to find a model that philosophically aligned with our churches, I googled “abortion a third way” and eventually discovered ProGrace. I am so thankful we found the ProGrace movement! Our churches deeply resonate with the message, tools, and support offered to help us equip our congregations be safe and loving environments to shower hurting women with the beautiful grace that God has poured out on us.

– Dennae Pierre, Executive Director, Surge Network of Churches, Phoenix, AZ

ProGrace has helped me understand that the abortion debate is much more than simply rescuing babies, but also rescuing the woman from hopelessness and despair. This non-judgmental approach frees us to welcome both mother and child into our churches.

– Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus, Moody Church, Chicago, IL

We are thankful for ProGrace and a new approach to the abortion issue as we counsel women and teen girls with unplanned pregnancies. ProGrace gives us the training and tools to beautifully express God’s love and value of BOTH the woman and the child, His unique plan in intertwining their lives, and His call for us to ensure the dignity and welfare of both.

– Tammy Abernethy, CEO, Hope Women’s Center, Phoenix, AZ

The ProGrace workshop helped remove the noise of the political debate and simply asked “How should we as the free-forgiven, redeemed people of God approach the debate of unplanned pregnancy?” It looked at the debate from an angle I simply was not hearing. It saw a third way, not as a compromise, but in a similar way to how the Gospel gives a third way.

– Joel Miles Associate Executive Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Chicago, IL

I have served on staff in a Pro-life organization for over a decade. One of my greatest frustrations over the years has been with the traditional pro-life narrative that has kept Christians from wanting to get involved in a “political agenda”. ProGrace brings refreshing language to the abortion debate that is palatable and Christ-like!

– Elisa Medina, Executive Director, Hands of Hope, Tucson, AZ

As a pastor, I was looking for a resource to help me discern how to handle the abortion issue in our church and among those we reach out to. When I encountered ProGrace, I encountered more than just a resource. The message of ProGrace opened my heart to God’s heart and gave me practical words and ideas to speak into the abortion issue. I want everyone in my church to go through this training.

– Nate Beasley, Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Chicago, IL

It has been my observation that the noisy dialogues surrounding the abortion conversation deeply polarize our culture while heaping equal measures of blame and shame upon the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. It seems that no one is focusing on both the woman and the child. ProGrace is sharing a focus on both.

– Cathy Risberg, Caris Volunteer, Willow Creek Care Center, South Barrington, IL

As a Christian community, we have wounded people on the topic of abortion. Our silence on the issue is not healing the wound. There are layers of what we need to do as a church to move forward such as beginning conversations with leadership, opportunities for safe dialogue with church members and willingness to follow the Lord’s leading. ProGrace has helped form my thinking about unplanned pregnancy so that I can minister to my church body.

– Michelle Hill, First Evangelical Free Church

Caris’ use of the ProGrace Approach has transformed our service delivery model. Through our ProGrace approach, we are meeting the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of women and children in deliberate and impactful ways. And because of that, women are truly finding hope, healing and transformation.

We believe that, through our ProGrace approach, we are in greater alignment with God’s heart as it relates to serving women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. And because of this alignment, we are seeing God do amazing things in the lives of women and children.

– Monique Schlichtman, CEO and President, Caris Pregnancy Counseling & Resources, Chicago, IL


ProGrace is leading the church as it engages the reality of abortion.  Public rhetoric would lead us to believe that one must support either a woman’s health or the life of an unborn child. Christians, more than anyone, should reject the artificial ethics of either/or. We should never endorse positions that assume one person’s dignity and wellbeing necessitates the diminishment of another’s. Such ethical formulations are predicated on fear and scarcity. Jesus Christ, however, calls us to a kingdom of love and abundance where my flourishing cannot be separated from my neighbor’s.

Recognizing the God-given dignity of both woman and child, ProGrace has developed a strategy that calls the church to love and serve both. The ProGrace approach not only heals the trauma experienced by women with unplanned pregnancies in a way that honors Christ and the witness of his Church, it also has the potential to heal the divisions causing great harm in the public square.

– Skye Jethani, Author of “With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God”, Co-host of The Phil Vischer Podcast