Why We Exist

Have you ever felt tension around the issue of abortion? Or wanted to look at this in a way that wasn’t limited by politics? Do you wish there was a third way to respond?

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The Third Option

ProGrace is creating a third option in the abortion debate, one that equips believers to go beyond politics and demonstrate God’s value for both the woman and the child.

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The Strategy

ProGrace equips individuals, and church and pregnancy organization leaders as they engage with women facing unplanned pregnancy – offering them hope and support in their time of need. Our strategy includes ProGrace workshops, Church and Pregnancy Certification, Content Resources, and International Outreach.

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Join ProGrace

The journey to becoming a ProGrace community which can create a third option in the abortion debate begins when each of us personally commits to value the woman and child equally and connect grace with the issue of unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

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