ProGrace equips individuals, and church and pregnancy organization leaders as they engage with women facing unplanned pregnancy – offering them hope and support in their time of need.


Our complimentary ½ day ProGrace workshops provide an interactive opportunity among a network of local Christian leaders to discuss the problems we face in our culture around abortion, God’s design for pregnancy and what a grace response looks like.



Through ProGrace certification, Church and Pregnancy Organization leaders engage in a deeper training experience equipping them to think, talk and act more like Jesus in the abortion issue. Through this 1 year process of workshops, webinars and coaching, they learn how to build bridges, and create a safe place of support for women facing unplanned pregnancy.


Content Resources

ProGrace is a thought leader creating a third option in the abortion debate. As the movement grows, ProGrace desires to interject a new message on the issue by providing you with ProGrace language. Outside of our workshops, training, and coaching, you can engage with the ProGrace dialogue through our videos, our blog, by subscribing to our Enews, or by engaging with the conversation on social media. Look for us @iamprograce.

International Outreach

Not only is the ProGrace message spreading in the United States, but it is making a difference in women’s lives in Uganda as church leaders there also embrace a new way to think, talk and act about unplanned pregnancy and abortion. We started working with Ugandan church leadership in 2012, and ProGrace was immediately adopted and contextualized for their unique needs. Today we have trained 103 churches and there are 3,800 women participating in ProGrace programs.