Mission & Vision

ProGrace is creating a third option in the abortion debate, one that equips believers to go beyond politics and demonstrate God’s value for both the woman and the child.  We facilitate training programs for church and pregnancy center leaders, so they can more fully express God’s heart in this issue, talk about it with grace, and create safe & welcoming places where women can have hope for their pregnancy and their future.

When local churches facilitate communities where both women and children can thrive, during and after an unplanned pregnancy, God can turn the tide of abortion.

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Our leaders have an unwavering commitment to change the conversation in the abortion debate, and unleash grace into the polarizing issue. They strive to empower and provide resources to the Christian community so that they can represent God’s heart to women facing unplanned pregnancy.

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There are two foundational beliefs at the heart of the ProGrace mission:

1) God’s design of pregnancy was to intertwine a woman and a child, making it impossible for us to try to help one while bypassing the other. He calls us to work for the dignity and welfare of both of them.

2) God’s path for transformation is always grace. He gives us grace and a new identity, which is what allows us to become more like Him. Then He calls us to freely extend the same grace we’ve received to women facing unplanned pregnancy, trusting Him to take them on the same journey we have been on.

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Our Journey to Becoming ProGrace – A Conversation. A Prayer. And a Dream.

2005 – beginning work with a pregnancy organization

2007 – shifting the model of a local pregnancy organization

2009 – the launch of the first church-based Connection group

2010 – ProGrace Approach goes international

2012 –  piloting the ProGrace workshop

2016 – ProGrace was founded as a non-profit organization, with a goal to expand the movement across the country

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