There are two foundational beliefs at the heart of the ProGrace mission:

1) God’s design of pregnancy was to intertwine a woman and a child, making it impossible for us to try to help one while bypassing the other. He calls us to work for the dignity and welfare of both of them.

2) God’s path for transformation is always grace. He gives us grace and a new identity, which is what allows us to become more like Him. Then He calls us to freely extend the same grace we’ve received to women facing unplanned pregnancy, trusting Him to take them on the same journey we have been on.

Creating a culture of grace

Our vision is to create a culture of grace that builds bridges and embraces women facing unplanned pregnancy. By changing the conversation around abortion, and supporting churches and pregnancy organizations with resources for a ProGrace model, our hope is that:

  • God’s compassion is more fully represented in the issue of abortion

  • Local churches become known as a safe place to go for support

  • Women see a possibility for a hopeful future instead of only seeing the current options of either abortion or overwhelming struggle as a mom

God can use the Christian community to turn the tide of abortion in this generation. Together, we can change the story around unplanned pregnancy and abortion, offering a third option… ProGrace.