#9 – Lacey Mason on how understanding a pregnant woman’s reality changes our abortion conversations

Lacey Mason is a qualitative researcher and strategic consultant. She has conducted 6 research projects with women facing unintended pregnancy, even though she initially dreaded diving into the topic because of the political tension.

Based on this research, she helps us process and more deeply understand a woman’s reality. Understanding leads to empathy, and empathy changes how we think and talk about abortion. Which can ultimately elevate the conversation out of politics and into supporting individuals.

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  1. Ladies, yes! More of this, please! The heart, the process, motive, emotion, and confusion, as well as all the relational and practical circumstances are the easily dismissed elements of a woman’s story that keep us from the kind of understanding Jesus had – the kind that acknowledged deep suffering and was affectionate toward the person suffering. True compassion never loses sight of the person caught between sin and freedom. The gospel was written for them. May we live that gospel.

    1. Thank you, Michelle!! I’m so grateful for your partnership in this movement!

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