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#4 – Scott Mehl and Talitha Phillips on how removing political language breaks the silence and increases compassion

Talitha Phillips is CEO of Claris Health LA (an organization that equips and cares for individuals and families before, during and after pregnancy or sexual-health choices), and Scott Mehl is Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church West LA – and they have an amazing partnership. Scott has realized he can’t stay silent and assume people will…

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Pro-life, Pro-choice… Or?

Women sitting together upset

Taking a political stand is not going to help As I once again comment on the most recent abortion laws, I am all the more convinced that taking a political stand is not going to bring needed help and change for women and children. That is why ProGrace doesn’t identify as either Pro-life or Pro-choice.…

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Is There a Grace Response to the New York Abortion Law?

With the recent news circling social media about the new abortion law in New York, I wanted to share some of my heart on this issue. First off, I know this is an important law, and have tried to discern the truth about what it really says. From what I’ve been able to discern from…

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