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The Difference You Make

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we want you to know, how grateful we are for you. This story illustrates the difference you’ve made in helping to create a new Christian response to abortion. “I had an abortion about a year and a half ago. But I didn’t tell anyone in my family…

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The Language I Have Been Looking For My Whole Life


This week’s guest blogger is Vanessa Behrens. She is a center manager at Hope Women’s Center’s 5th location in Maricopa, Arizona. She is also a ProGrace partner, advocate and friend. Today she shares her experience with learning a new language to talk about unplanned pregnancy and abortion. ProGrace is the language I have been looking…

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#10 – Brian Kruckenberg & JJ Spreitzer on their journey to have new conversations at New City Church

Brian Kruckenberg is Lead Pastor and JJ Spreitzer is Family Ministries Director at New City Church in Phoenix. They are on a journey of asking questions, listening, helping their congregation process the abortion issue, and changing the conversation in their church. We talk about grace, mistakes, labels and God’s transformational journey for all of us.…

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Helping Churches Do This One Thing Changes Everything

When Rhiannon found out she was pregnant, the father of the child advised her to get an abortion. So the next person she told was… her pastor! This is the ultimate dream for ProGrace – that local churches would be the first place a woman turns to for support when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.…

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7 Things ProGrace is Thankful for this Thanksgiving!

1. A growing group of friends who are the heart of this grace movement When Denise and I started dreaming that maybe, just maybe, God could change the response of His Church and use His people to bring hope and healing into the abortion issue, we didn’t know if anyone else would agree. To now…

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Why grace is more powerful than judgment

In the story below, learn what kind of impact you have had on Samantha, a ProGrace Connection Group participant at St Peter Lutheran Church. She told us about what the church and this group meant to her and her family. Be inspired! My name is Samantha. I am 26 years old. I am a happy mother of…

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