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The Language I Have Been Looking For My Whole Life


This week’s guest blogger is Vanessa Behrens. She is a center manager at Hope Women’s Center’s 5th location in Maricopa, Arizona. She is also a ProGrace partner, advocate and friend. Today she shares her experience with learning a new language to talk about unplanned pregnancy and abortion. ProGrace is the language I have been looking…

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5 Reasons to Attend a ProGrace Workshop

Every time we host a ProGrace workshop, I love it. The Holy Spirit moves, and there is so much energy, humility, anticipation– and most of all, hope–in the room. These workshops prove that people are looking for a third option in the abortion conversation, one that represents how Jesus would respond, separate from the political debate…

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How You Change the Story Around Abortion

On June 4, St. Peter Lutheran Church held an honorary “graduation” for women involved in their Connection group. This graduation represents the long-term dream of ProGrace: As Christians are transformed, women will find acceptance and support in our churches. The St. Peter leadership team was one of the first to participate in the ProGrace workshop…

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The Humility of Grace & Childlike Faith – Reflections on a ProGrace Workshop | Michelle Stiffler, Guest Blogger

Michelle Stiffler attended a ProGrace workshop in Phoenix, Arizona in February 2017. She lives in the sunny Phoenix area where she enjoys the outdoors with her husband and 4 children. A mentor and teacher at a local women’s center, Michelle is intrigued by personalities and the background stories that shape them. She’s passionate about prayer, insistent on family dinners,…

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