*4 in 10 of women who get abortions are regular church attenders. Only 7% talk to anyone at their church before making that decisions.

*LifeWay Research (ProGrace is not affiliated with nor receives sponsorship from LifeWay.)

“A lot of the confusion for me is that the focus of the Christian movement has been on ending abortion, but yet our doors aren’t open to receive Women. Is that the gospel? Is that Jesus?”

– Denise Stein, ProGrace Co-Founder

We know abortion is a hot button issue in the Christian church. Our passion is to alleviate the tensions around the topic for Christians so the church can take back the conversation so people can see the heart of Jesus. To do this, we provide resources to resolve the following tensions that surround abortion.

Tension #1

Whenever we talk about abortion it quickly becomes political.

ProGrace provides biblical teaching addressing God’s heart for both the woman and the child, removing the either/or mentality of the political language.

Tension #2

We don’t know how to talk about abortion in a way that's consistent with Jesus’ example in Scripture.

Without realizing it, many churches have adopted a language for discussing abortion that can shut down conversations. ProGrace helps church leaders provide a new context for talking about abortion in an approachable way.

Tension #3

We don’t know how to create a safe environment for women facing unplanned pregnancy.

ProGrace churches are reporting more open conversations and more people sharing their stories as a result of their training. Our network connects churches with pregnancy organizations who can provide immediate emotional and practical support while the church creates safe long-term community.

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