"ProGrace helped us move from informational to relational. There is now this freedom, to just love her and meet her and trust God in her life."

ProGrace facilitates a training program for pregnancy organizations to resolve the tensions that surround abortion:


We feel lost in the politics surrounding abortion.

Many pregnancy organizations find themselves trapped between two political ideologies, when in reality they simply want to love women and children like Jesus did. They often walk a narrow line to protect their reputation or their funding. ProGrace provides training and resources to help you understand how to resolve this common tension.


We don’t know how to talk about what we do.

Because the current language around abortion stems from a mentality of being either pro-woman or pro-child, many organizations feel paralyzed in how to talk about the work they do in a way that reflects God’s heart for both the woman and the child. ProGrace engages organization leadership with new language for talking about unexpected pregnancy and abortion.


Local churches are hesitant to partner with us.

The ProGrace network helps pregnancy organizations and churches partner so they can better support women facing unexpected pregnancy. The emotional support and practical resources offered by pregnancy organizations needs to be backed up with long-term, non-judgmental community in order for both women and children to thrive. These communities are where women can find hope for their future and the future of their children.

What should my next steps be?
Here are three options:






"For years we struggled with the best way to engage women in these situations at their point of need without using language that conveyed political ideologies rather than the heart of God. When we came across ProGrace, we knew we had our answer! I have seen God create opportunities for conversations and relationships that would never had existed if we had used traditional means of discussing the issue of abortion. “

Tammy Abernethy
CEO, Hope Women’s Center, Phoenix, AZ