ProGrace Training for Churches

How ProGrace equips churches:

  • Live, 1-day training for key staff and volunteer leadership
  • Five-part video training for leadership team, self-paced (and ongoing live coaching throughout)
  • Congregational survey to better understand the current culture
  • Congregational introduction video to engage the church in the ProGrace message
  • Networking opportunities with other ProGrace churches

What is the desired outcome of ProGrace training?

  • We desire nothing short of a cultural transformation, where Christians have a response to abortion that is deeply rooted in how Jesus interacted with people, not politics.
  • ProGrace church partners report a freedom in their church to openly discuss and wrestle with these issues, congregants who have experienced unplanned pregnancy/abortion feel safe to share their stories, without the fear of shame or judgement, and their church as a whole has deeper empathy and desire to help women facing unplanned pregnancy
  • ProGrace Churches will understand how to turn away from a politically driven, pro-life or pro-choice stance that creates tension and drives people away from the conversation.

Who participates in the church training?

  • Key leadership and volunteers who agree to be a part of the ProGrace ministry team.

How much will the training cost?

  • $999 for the full year of training and coaching