ProGrace Training for
Pregnancy Organizations

How ProGrace equips Pregnancy Organizations:

  • The signature ProGrace workshop on how to think and talk differently about abortion and unintended pregnancy
  • A pathway to apply this new mindset to service delivery
  • Theological grounding that fosters the transformation and paradigm shift needed to see the abortion debate through the lens of Jesus
  • A model for how to respond to the experience of unintended pregnancy based on how Jesus interacted with people
Cohort model vs.2

Training topics include:

  • Counseling-based, relationship building service model
  • Spiritual conversations in a counseling-based approach
  • Community Engagement
  • Branding and Messaging
  • Partnering with the church
  • Tracking results

What is the desired outcome of ProGrace training?

We desire nothing short of a cultural transformation, where Christians have a response to abortion that is deeply rooted in how Jesus interacted with people, not politics. ProGrace partners report deeper church partnerships, more unity in their teams, and stronger relationships with clients and community agencies.