As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we want you to know, how grateful we are for you.

This story illustrates the difference you’ve made in helping to create a new Christian response to abortion.

“I had an abortion about a year and a half ago. But I didn’t tell anyone in my family or at my church, out of fear.”

A young woman started the table discussion at a recent ProGrace event with this introduction. She showed great courage, as there were two male pastors and a pregnancy organization director at her table.

What floored me most was what she continued to share:

“So I’m here today, because I want to start the discussion at our church. I don’t want anyone else to feel like they have to make this decision in isolation. I want us to start talking about it so no one has to go through what I did.”

I have been working in this issue for 14 years, and the only thing I’ve seen that can:

  • create this environment of safety so a woman can tell her story and then,
  • foster her courage to approach her church about their response to abortion is… Grace. 

God is so good. He’s on the move. I was so inspired meeting this young woman, because I’ve never seen anything like this (but I believe it will start happening more and more). This is the difference you make!

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