New Conversations About Abortion

The ProGrace Podcast
with Angie Weszely & Denise Stein

About the Podcast

Angie Weszely and Denise Stein are having new conversations about abortion, and they hope you will join them on this journey! As co-founders of ProGrace, they are equipping Christians with a new way to think, talk and act about the abortion issue, based on how Jesus interacted with people, rather than on the current political debate. In the podcast, they chat with friends from all over the country who are pastors, Christian thought leaders, pregnancy organization directors, and pro-choice advocates. If you long for a way to engage in this discussion that is positive, compassionate, and solution-based, join Angie and Denise on the first step, which is taking the risk to have new types of conversations!

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Prograce Podcast

#1 – Angie & Denise on why they want to have new conversations about abortion

We talk about how we stumbled into the pro-life/pro-choice debate, were a bit shocked, made a lot of mistakes and eventually landed in a place of wanting to have new conversations. Our journey has been impacted by our experience, our faith, and lots of discussion. If you’ve ever felt like trying to talk about abortion…

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#2 – Skye Jethani asks if overturning Roe v. Wade should be top priority for Christians

We always appreciate Skye’s ability to blend cultural and theological insight to address current issues – and he did not disappoint in this podcast! Drawing on Skye’s knowledge of history, we talk about how outlawing something without addressing the true cause hasn’t worked historically. And of course Skye blends that with a rich theological analysis…

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# 3 – Katelyn Beaty on how Christians can value the woman as much as the child

Katelyn Beaty is a writer, a book author and an editor at Brazos Press. We met several years ago when she was the managing editor at Christianity Today (youngest and first female to have that position!). Katelyn describes herself as committed to women’s rights and pro-life at the same time, and we explore how we…

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#4 – Scott Mehl and Talitha Phillips on how removing political language breaks the silence and increases compassion

Talitha Phillips is CEO of Claris Health LA (an organization that equips and cares for individuals and families before, during and after pregnancy or sexual-health choices), and Scott Mehl is Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church West LA – and they have an amazing partnership. Scott has realized he can’t stay silent and assume people will…

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# 5 – Chris Whitford on the real human need revealed by the New York abortion law, and how Christians can respond

Chris is the CEO of Avail, an organization supporting women facing unintended pregnancy in New York City. We talk about her reaction to the abortion law passed in New York, and what it tells us about real human needs in our culture. And how Jesus responded when He encountered people in need.   Join the…

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#6 – Tyler Johnson and Dennae Pierre on humanizing the abortion issue in our churches

Dennae is Executive Director of Surge Network, Tyler is Lead Pastor of Redemption AZ, and they partner together to help pastors lead healthy churches. We talk about why they want to have a new conversation in Arizona churches – one where we humanize the abortion issue by interacting with people who have different views and/or…

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# 7 – Our journey with Laura McAlpine shows that if we can find common ground, anyone can!

Laura is Principal of McAlpine Consulting for Growth in Chicago. We met her 8 years ago, when we were leading a Christian pregnancy organization. We quickly found out she was strongly pro-choice, disagreed with the practices of our organization, and had even tried to shut down our organization years before. Whaat?! With a lot of…

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#8 – Breaking down stereotypes so pro-life and pro-choice people can talk to each other (a 2nd conversation with Laura McAlpine)

This is the second part of our conversation with Laura McAlpine, where we talk about how we can shatter the pro-life and pro-choice stereotypes that keep us from talking to people who have differing views on abortion. This is the journey we all have been on, so we know others can go on it, too!…

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#9 – Lacey Mason on how understanding a pregnant woman’s reality changes our abortion conversations

Lacey Mason is a qualitative researcher and strategic consultant. She has conducted 6 research projects with women facing unintended pregnancy, even though she initially dreaded diving into the topic because of the political tension. Based on this research, she helps us process and more deeply understand a woman’s reality. Understanding leads to empathy, and empathy…

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#10 – Brian Kruckenberg & JJ Spreitzer on their journey to have new conversations at New City Church

Brian Kruckenberg is Lead Pastor and JJ Spreitzer is Family Ministries Director at New City Church in Phoenix. They are on a journey of asking questions, listening, helping their congregation process the abortion issue, and changing the conversation in their church. We talk about grace, mistakes, labels and God’s transformational journey for all of us.…

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