"I can now speak clearly and with passion about being a Christian organization without having to be misperceived or misunderstood." – Linda, Cohort Participant

ProGrace facilitates a training program to resolve the tensions that surround abortion for pregnancy organizations.

Tension #1

Feel lost in the politics surrounding abortion.

Many pregnancy organizations find themselves trapped between two political ideologies, when in reality they simply want to love women and children like Jesus did. They often walk a narrow line to protect their reputation or their funding.

Tension #2

We don't know how to talk about what we do.

Because the current language around abortion stems from the mentality of being either pro-woman or pro-child, many organizations feel paralyzed in how to talk about the work they do in a way that reflects God's heart for both the woman and the child.

Tension #3

Local churches are hesitant to partner with us.

The ProGrace network helps pregnancy organizations and church partners so they can better support women facing unexpected pregnancy. The emotional support and practical resources offered by pregnancy organizations needs to be backed up with long-term, non-judgmental community in order for both women and children to thrive. These communities are where women can find hope for their future and the future of their children.

What is the desired outcome of ProGrace training?

We desire nothing short of a cultural transformation, where Christians have a response to abortion that is deeply rooted in how Jesus interacted with people, not politics. ProGrace partners report deeper church partnerships, more unity in their teams, and stronger relationships with clients and community agencies.


The signature ProGrace workshop on how to think and talk differently about abortion and unintended pregnancy:

A pathway to apply this new
mindset to service deliveryTheological grounding that
fosters the transformation and paradigm shift needed to see the abortion debate through the lens of jesusA model for how to respond
to the experience of
unintended pregnancy based  
on how Jesus interacted with

Training topics include:

Counseling-based, relationship building service model

Spiritual conversations in a counseling-based approach

Community engagement

Branding and Messaging Partnering with the church

Tracking Results

How we address tension in a practical way through our training:

Give you language to speak in the community regardless of what perspective they come from.

Cohesiveness standardization among the whole staff.

Using unifying language and materials to build partnerships with churches and members of the community.


Impactful Media:


Scott Mehl and Talitha Phillips on how removing political language breaks the silence and increases compassion.


Chris Whitford on the real human need revealed by the New York abortion law, and how Christians can respond.


Tammy Abernethy on breaking barriers down in the church.

Dive into the ProGrace approach through our guided playlist:


Angie & Denise on why they want to have new conversations about abortion.


Scott Mehl and Talitha Phillips on how removing political language breaks the silence and increases compassion.


Our journey with Laura McAlpine shows that if we can find common ground, anyone can!


Breaking down stereotypes so pro-life and pro-choice people can talk to each other (a 2nd conversation with Laura McAlpine).


Lacey Mason on how understanding a pregnant woman’s reality changes our abortion conversations.


Tammy Abernethy on breaking barriers down in the church.


How pregnancy organizations can change the conversation.

What should my next steps be?

Here are three options:

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