The short answer is: the need for Grace.

This Advent, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it must have felt like for Mary and Joseph to suddenly find themselves in an unexpected—and very unpopular—place. We’ve also been thinking about what it must have been like for their community as they decided how to respond: assume the worst about their character or meet them with grace.

GraceAs Christmas approaches, thousands of women will find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy. While their stories are much different from that of Mary and Joseph, they, too, will need a place of understanding; they will need a touch of grace.

Regardless of their circumstances, we are surrounded by people every day who need the transforming grace of Jesus, even those whose stories we might not quite understand. And every day we must choose whether to extend the grace they need or to make our own assumptions about who they are.

This season, and every season, let’s choose to be the touch they need. Let’s choose to be ProGrace.

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