"Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?"

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Increasingly, Christians and churches are becoming silent in the abortion conversation. Many leaders have told us this is because they wrestle with how to communicate God’s heart on this issue.

The political dialogue frames the issue in a way that makes us feel we must choose between advocating for either the woman OR the child. But when we align with this either/or mentality, it actually limits our positive influence in our culture.

Instead, we can start believing God to give us a creative solution based on His abundant wisdom and provision - and His love for BOTH the woman and the child.


ProGrace is creating a third option

in the abortion conversation, so that Christians can have a grace-centered, non-political way to respond to the issue. Our local churches will then be able to create communities where both women and children can thrive during and after unplanned pregnancy. And those communities are what can bring God’s hope – and His answer – to ultimately shift the abortion issue.

Our Core Beliefs

There are two foundational beliefs at the heart of the ProGrace mission: 

1) God’s design for pregnancy was to intertwine a woman and a child, making it impossible for us to try to help one while bypassing the other. He calls us to work for the dignity and welfare of both of them.


2) God’s path for transformation is always grace. He gives us grace and a new identity, which is what allows us to become more like Him. Then He calls us to freely extend this same grace to women facing unplanned pregnancy, trusting Him to take them on a journey echoing our own.

Creating a training network


Through theological engagement and qualified training, ProGrace equips churches and pregnancy organizations to work together with a whole new approach to abortion based on how Jesus interacted with people.


We believe that God’s solution to abortion will come through His people creating an approachable culture where women can receive the grace they need whereby they and their children can thrive – during and after an unplanned pregnancy.


So we help churches and pregnancy organizations create this atmosphere by equipping them with new ways to think and talk about abortion that frees people to focus on the needs of both the woman and the child. We also help churches and pregnancy organizations partner together to provide both the immediate care and long-term community that women and children need to thrive.

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Network Partners

How does ProGrace training resolve the tensions felt by churches and pregnancy organizations? Our partners report higher engagement and lower burnout as a result of our approach.