Equipping Christians with a third option to the pro-life | pro-choice divide.

While many American Christians focus on the legality of abortion, the church's politicized response only widens the gap between us and women considering this decision, even women in our churches.

Four out of ten women who have abortions are regular churchgoers, and only 7% of them talk to anyone at their church before making their abortion decision, citing fear of judgement as their primary reason for silence. If we want to reflect Jesus and make true change, we need a grace-centered response.

The Solution:

We facilitate immersive training programs for Christian pregnancy organizations, then resource them to equip local churches through our curriculum, so that together they can create supportive communities for women facing unintended pregnancy.


"I've found it difficult to engage the church because they say the issue is too political…but ProGrace training prepares churches to be a safe place for women facing an unplanned pregnancy."

– Elisa Medina,
Executive Director Hands of Hope Tucson




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